The statement of CEO


The CEO of "Tatneft" Nail Maganov:

Our world is facing the daunting challenge that touches each one of us. Today everybody wants to do maximum possible to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19. To overcome this unprecedented scale of danger were directed the efforts of doctors, public authorities, individuals and groups. Many people are showing their resilience and courage, fighting the disease.

"Tatneft" focuses all feasible efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on the territories of its activities and be ready to resist the pandemic. Our main goal is to save life and health of those, who work on our facilities, and the local population!

Also, we consider it to be our obligation to help medical workers, authorities, our fellow citizens in providing effective preventive measures. On the Company's facilities, we produce means of anti-infective protection: disinfectants; special costumes and face masks for medical workers and employees of social and governmental services, contacting with the population.

We are taking measures on sanitary cleaning of cities and settlements. Our volunteers are helping elderly residents of the South-East of the Republic to comply with self-isolation. We are conducting comprehensive explanatory campaigns with the stage and residents of our region.

Simultaneously with coronavirus pandemic manifest risks of global economic problems, reduced consumption of oil and oil prices. In these difficult conditions "Tatneft" in a timely and decisive manner is taking all necessary measures to preserve financial and corporate sustainability.

We talk with gratitude and pride about our employees who switched to a special mode of operation, to ensure energy security of the country on the production of the continuous cycle and essential services; about our employees' family members, treating the situation with great understanding.

We are taking care of our business partners, clients, contractors, suppliers, for diminishing possible risks and consequences of the pandemic seeking to liaise with each.

In this difficult time, we all should know what do to and stay calm! Ultimately this will help us to cope with the challenge! Together!"