22 April 2021

TATNEFT Took Part in the International Specialized Exhibition

The Company had the honor of winning awards of the XXIst International "Energy. Resource saving" Specialized Exhibition. Diplomas were awarded to engineering developments of "TatNIPIneft" Institute, the KAMA TYRES tire manufacturing business of and the "TANECO” Oil Refining Complex.

Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, Mikhail Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Alexey Pesoshin, Prime Minister of Tatarstan, heads of branch ministries and departments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, leading professionals and experts of the energy related industry branches, representatives of energy agencies, centers for energy saving and resource efficiency, as  well as scientists and practitioners took part in the official opening of the exhibition on April 22 within the framework of the International Forum "Energy Resource Efficiency and Energy Saving" in Kazan in the pavilions of the Kazan Expo exhibition center.

The Company presented technologies of the TATNEFT Group at the exhibition dedicated to the subject of the circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Modern RPM (reservoir pressure maintenance) technologies, including the application of volumetric pumping units, which ensure the 1.8-fold reduction of the specific energy consumption in comparison with centrifugal pumps, as well as the application of volumetric pumps for targeted injection, etc. allow increasing the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the production.

The introduction of fiberglass pipes in the pipeline system allows for reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 6.5 times. The project of using wastewater from urban wastewater treatment plants in the RPM system reduces the consumption of fresh water by 9.5 million m3 / year.  TATNEFT is also implementing a project to recover carbon dioxide at the Nizhnekamsk CHPP and TANECO to reduce the carbon footprint; the Company is forming product lines of new Viatti Bosco tyres that allow increasing the service life and reducing the fuel consumption. The SSC (solid steel cord) tyre recovery technology allows increasing the tyre mileage to 700,000 km and thus reduces the number of tires that go out of circulation.

There are points for receiving waste motor oil, vegetable oil, waste tyres and plastic bottles at the TATNEFT filling stations. The customer receives bonus points on the Club of Champions card as a reward.

The amount of compensatory measures expands at the expense of the forest plantation. About 2 million seedlings were planted in 2020. The plan for 2021 provides for planting 5 million trees.

An important environmental project is the "Circulation Forest". There are seedlings cloned in the school biological laboratories organized by the Company, which are subsequently grown in greenhouses and planted at the land plots. The plans provide for using wood waste generated in the process of forest management for the production of biofuels.

The third degree diploma was awarded to truck solid metal cord tyres for regional transportation of the KAMA PRO line produced by the KAMA TYRES tyre manufacturing business in the category "New products" according to the results of the Republican review-contest of energy-efficient equipment and technologies, held within the framework of the international exhibition.

The IIIrd degree diploma was awarded to the engineering development of "TatNIPIneft" Institute: "Preventer (PP-152) for the wellhead sealing of inclined HVO wells during remedial servicing and workover operations” in the category "Energy-efficient products".

The IInd degree diploma was awarded to "Local treatment facilities of PJSC Nizhnekamskshina" of the TATNEFT’s KAMA TYRES tyre manufacturing business of the Company; the IIIrd degree diploma was awarded to "Flare gas utilization unit" of the TATNEFT Company’s “GARO" TANECO Refinery in the category "Energy-efficient engineering developments".

The second-degree diploma was awarded to the engineering development the "Tire digital twin" of the TATNEFT‘s KAMA TYRES tire manufacturing business of the Company in the "Digital Technologies category " .

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