11 January 2021

TATNEFT Company Enterprises Were the First in Tatarstan to Obtain Comprehensive Environmental Permits

JSC TANECO and NGDU Aznakaevskneft were the first enterprises of Tatarstan to receive a new environmental document at the end of 2020: a Comprehensive Environmental Permit (CER).

A comprehensive environmental permit contains the entire list of necessary and mandatory requirements in the area of environmental protection for a particular enterprise. As far the state is concerned, this document is a guarantee that the company will comply with all established standards for environmental protection.

AII legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in economic and other activities at Category I facilities are liable to receive CER. Territorial departments of Rosprirodnadzor started issuing CER in Russia starting January 1, 2019 and there were 22 of them issued throughout Russia in two years. JSC TANECO and NGDU Aznakaevskneft were the first organizations in the Republic to obtain these documents. Currently, there are several other applications for CER from TATNEFT Group companies under consideration.

Obtaining the CER is another confirmation of the high environmental responsibility of TATNEFT and the Company’s desire to decarbonize production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions amount and reduce the carbon footprint.

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