19 September 2019

BMZ Is a Winner of the “100 Best Goods of the Republic of Tatarstan” Contest

The air-cooled heat exchanger (AVO) of the TATNEFT Company’s Bugulma Mechanical Plant became the winner of the contest “100 best goods of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

The Bugulma Mechanical Plant manufactures various modifications of this equipment.

Block-modular type AVOs can effectively replace well-known models and have a number of advantages, while maintaining the necessary parameters.  The main advantages of the contest winner, inter alia, include the modular delivery, which facilitates the equipment assembly and installation. Versus the collector type vessels, the AVOs manufactured by the Bugulma Mechanical Plant provide for a possibility to quickly jam heat exchanger’s tubes during repair work.

The calculated service life of the vessels is up to 30 years at the expense of increasing the thickness of distributing headers, hot-dip galvanizing of parts and anticorrosive zinc-containing coating of external surfaces. The strength and the connection tightness of heat-exchange tubes with the wall are achieved through the application of orbital welding and subsequent expanding. The application of composite materials in the air-conditioning unit allowed significant energy consumption reduction, as well as increasing the efficiency of the fan unit. The high thermal efficiency is achieved through lightening the installed finned heat exchanger tubes and providing them with a flushing device for them.

Today, BMZ manufactured ATOs successfully operate at domestic and foreign refineries and petrochemical complexes as well as at compressor stations.

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