11 September 2019

TATNEFT Experts Have Developed a Package of Technologies to Increase the Efficiency of Developing of High-Viscosity Oil Deposits in the Republic of Tatarstan

The experts of the TATNEFT’s TatNIPIneft Institute and the TATNEFT’s High-Viscosity Oil Production Department (UVSVN) have developed a package of technologies to increase the efficiency of high-viscosity oil deposits development.

The package of technological solutions to increase the efficiency of high-viscosity oil (HVO) production includes three technologies:

- the application technology of thermogel compositions for blocking water-producing intervals in producing wells (TGC);

- technology for creating thermohydrodynamic bonds in clay-plated reservoirs (GDS);

- technology of hydrocarbon solvent (TPR) application.

Taken together these technologies allow making it possible to intensify the extraction of high-viscosity oil with application of the steam-gravity drainage method.

The technology of the thermogel compositions application for blocking water-producing intervals in the producing wells (TGK) is intended for temporary isolation of the water-producing intervals in the horizontal borehole of paired horizontal steam injection and production wells aimed at improving the technological performance of producing wells.

The developed technology is widely used at TATNEFT's facilities and allows reducing specific steam consumption per tonne of HVO, the products’ water cut and increasing the daily oil flow rate.

The experts of TatNIPIneft have solved the issue of creating thermohydrodynamic bonds in clay-plated reservoirs. Addressing the problem of linking paired horizontal injection and production wells due to the presence of low oil saturation areas consisting of impermeable clays that prevent the flow of fluid between them, they have developed the technology and method of reservoir development based on the injection of the required volumes and concentration of acids, which will depend on the clayey and carbonate components of the rocks composing the reservoir. The issues of minimizing the adverse impact of acids on the tubing and the well filter, i.e. the optimal composition and treatment options, have also been solved.

The efficient technology based on the combined pumping of steam with a certain volume of solvent into the bottomhole zone of oil wells with its subsequent injection into the formation - the technology of hydrocarbon solvent (TPR) application has been developed for improving the technology of steam-gravity drainage in order to reduce steam consumption and increase crude oil production. It has been designed to intensify the production and increase the high-viscosity oil recovery factor by using hydrocarbon solvents with various additives.

The developed package of technological solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency of the HVO field development proved its high efficiency in the process of field tests and base on the pilot work results has been recommended for commercial implementation. The total current economic effectiveness from the application of new treatment methods in the period from 2017 to 2019 has been estimated at 2.05 billion rubles.

The package of technological solutions to increase the efficiency of HVO production was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Specialized Exhibition "Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry-2019" in the category "Oil recovery enhancement".

Appropriate patents of the Russian Federation for inventions confirming the uniqueness of TATNEFT's theoretical and practical research in the area of HVO production have been obtained for all the presented technologies.

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