13 August 2019

Medical Check-Up Points for Yandex. Taxi Drivers Have Come into Being at AZS Tatneft

Medical check-up points have appeared at five TATNEFT filling stations in Moscow for implementing remote medical examinations of taxi drivers. This project is being implemented jointly with Yandex.Taxi. 

The provision of medical the examination services directly at the filling stations is another important step in improving the level of service for car owners. Using the installed automated equipment, the car owners can easily measure their blood pressure, take the pulse rate and pass a test on the breathalyzer, after which the doctor will remotely examine the driver.

This system has been developed by the Yandex.Taxi specialists in order to bring a medical examination model to the market that is most convenient for shipping forwarders and drivers. The proposed model of the remote medical examination performance will increase the efficiency of the doctors’ work and reduce the cost of one examination several times.

The experiment on the application of medical technologies for remote pre-trip medical examinations is one of the most important elements of a large Yandex.Taxi project to create an electronic waybill (EWB). In addition to a medical examination, the EWB project provides for the possibility of carrying out a technical examination of a taxi car at a filling station as well.

Alexei Fedotov, Business Development Director at Yandex.Taxi in Russia, said “New points for the remote medical examinations at TATNEFT filling stations chain will help us expanding the experiment that we have started. This will allow us collecting more information: for example, about the points, which the drivers would prefer to undergo the inspections at, or how to organize the process to ensure that the whole procedure is quick and convenient.”

“Opening of the medical examination points at the filling stations will expand the range of services provided by the filling stations and increase the flow of customers,” said Dmitry Denisov, Deputy Director for Retail Sales of OOO TN-AZS-Zapad. “We are pleased to take part in testing modern technologies that are designed to make people's lives more comfortable."

Filling stations, which provide a new service are located at the following addresses:

1. Filling station No. 4 – 8, Vostryakovsky proyezd, Moscow 
2. Filling station No. 28 – 12, Ryabinovaya Street, Moscow, 
3. Filling station No. 29 – 21st km, Warshavskoye Shosse, Leninsky District, Moscow Region. 
4. Filling station No. 56 - 45 Nizhny Mnevniki  Street, Moscow 
5. Filling station No. 81 - Section No, 6x / 2, Leningradskoye Shosse, 23rd km of Kashirskoye Shosse, Leninsky district. Moscow region 

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