7 February 2019

Delegates of the “Downstream Russia” Forum visited TANECO and the TATNEFT’s Tyre Manufacturing Complex

The participants of the 5th “Downstream Russia 2019” forum visited the enterprises of the TATNEFT Group’s Nizhnekamsk business sector: the TANECO Oil Refinery Complex and the Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory of the KAMA TYRES Tyre Manufacturing Complex. 

The organized in Kazan from February 5 to 7 the Vth anniversary series of interactive discussions and the “Downstream 2019” exhibition were attended by more than 250 managers of Vertically Integrated Oil Companies, General and Technical Directors, and Chief Engineers of oil refineries and gas processing plants in Russia and the CIS countries.

As part of the planned activities, they presented to the participants new projects for the construction and modernization of factories, reviewed practical examples of effective project management, the issues of import substitution and the innovative technologies localization, as well as project financing, etc.

The technical forum program included a visit to JSC TANECO and OOO Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory.

The forum participants examined the key facilities of the TANECO Complex, including the installations of primary and advanced petroleum refining, environmental facilities, and the product shipment system. During a detour of the industrial site, they learned how the new oil refining complex of TATNEFT gave impetus to the development of allied industries related to the design, manufacture of the equipment and construction. Today, the refinery is working with record indices of the refining depth, the yield of light petroleum products and the capacity utilization of primary oil refining.

The expansion of the products yielding range and the increase in production levels allow the Company to remain competitive in the petroleum product market. In the central control room, they demonstrated quality products to the guests that are in high demand. The conference delegates   were also familiarized with long-term plans for the development of the TANECO Complex, related with the launch of new production facilities and the increase in the volume of oil refining.

The guests were shown at the Nizhnekamsk SSC tyre factory the stages of the solid steel cord tyres production, the assembly of tyres and vulcanization carried out with appli high-precision automatic equipment. The conference delegates were introduced to a set of measures of in-plant quality control, including visual inspection, X-ray monitoring of all tyres, verification of the strength heterogeneity and tyre geometry, which guarantee reliable and proven products to the consumers.

The SSC KAMA tyres are one of the most advanced products on the Russian tyre market, developed according to the technology of the German leader in the area of tyre manufacturing of the solid steel cord design. The unique composition of the rubber mixture of the KAMA SSC tyres based on natural rubber and steel cord frame provide for high durability, fuel efficiency, increased mileage, which after two recovery cycles and one retreading increases to 700,000 km.


JSC TANECO is a high-tech project of TATNEFT, aimed at the development of the oil refining segment in order to ensure the long-term sustainable business development.

Today, the TANECO product basket contains about 20 types of high-quality and highly popular product, such as motor gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, base oils, etc.

The KAMA TYRES Tyre Complex of PJSC TATNEFT is a modern Russian tyre manufacturing complex with its own technologies and a balanced portfolio of products and services. Today, it is a recognized expert in the production of tyres for Russian road and climatic conditions.

Today, the  KAMA TYRES manufactures high-quality truck SSC tyres under the KAMA KAMA PRO brands, and also provides a service for the retreading  the SSC tyres at the Company’s facilities.

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