Gas Processing Facilities

UTNGP represents an efficiently operating business sector of the Company, which is the only enterprise in the Republic that provides for processing of associated petroleum gas and a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons to produce a full range of high-quality individual fractions and industrial sulfur.

The development of the UTNGP development strategy is based on the solution of the main tasks set by PJSC TATNEFT: advanced processing of APG with the maximum yield of target components from the potential and timely shipment of high-quality products to domestic and foreign consumers.

The operational capacities of UTNGP allow providing for the whole complex of processes for the processing of associated petroleum gas and the broad fraction of light hydrocarbons (NGLs), supplied from the fields of PJSC TATNEFT: from gas purification with removal of acidic components and obtaining elemental sulfur, gas compression, gas dehydration and the demerger of commercial ethane from gas, as well as liquid hydrocarbons and dry stripped gas before the demerger of gas and NGLs into individual fractions: propane, isobutane, isopentane, pentane-isopentane fractions, normal butane fractions and stable gasoline.

At present, the Tatneftegazpererabotka Division produces almost the entire range of gas processing, and produces high-quality products, including the “A” and “Premium” brands.

They provide for maximum yield of individual hydrocarbon fractions from APG and NGL at the gas processing facilities of the Division: more than 91% of ethane, 96% propane, 91% isobutane, 94% normal butane, more than 98% C5 + hydrocarbons and higher, which distinguishes the enterprise favorably from other gas processing plants.

The products yielded by the Division are at the domestic market, as well as in the CIS and far abroad countries. The Division supplies products to PJSC Kazanorgsintez, PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and other enterprises of Russia and the near abroad countries through pipelines, by road and rail.

TATNEFT’S investments in the reconstruction of facilities and the technical re-equipment of the Division’s facilities allowed increasing gas processing volumes, expanding the product range and improving the products’ quality, and making them competitive and popular both in Russia and abroad.

The operation of a unique cryogenic unit for the deep processing of dry stripped gas, put into operation in 2010, which has no analogues in the country, allows nitrogen to be separated from dry stripped gas ensuring further increase of the gas calorific value and preventing the loss of valuable carbon raw materials, such as C2 and higher hydrocarbons.

The Tatneftegazpererabotka Division successfully implements programs to stabilize gas processing volumes and manufacture highly competitive finished products, upgrades the production facilities, and effectively pursues an innovative engineering-technical policy.

The production activities of the Division allow solving an important environmental problem: avoiding the flaring of petroleum gas and reducing the man-made impact on the environment and the population living in the areas of the Company’s activities.

In 2018, the volume of associated petroleum gas and NGL delivered to Tatneftegazpererabotka facilities from the Company's fields amounted to 845.4 million m3 and 320.8 thousand tonnes respectively.

Finished Products Yielded in 2018

Dry stripped gas272.637 mln cubic meters
Liquefied gases, including473.543 thousand tonnes
Propane fraction278.009 thousand tonnes
Iso-butane fraction55.816 thousand tonnes
N-butane fraction139.718 thousand tonnes
Iso-pentane fraction18.661 thousand tonnes
Stable natural gasoline246.628 thousand tonnes
Ethane fraction181.584 thousand tonnes
Industrial sulfur9.130 thousand tonnes