Charitable Funds

For the purpose of supporting gifted children and teenagers living in the south-east of Tatarstan PJSC TATNEFT established a “Talented Children” charitable Fund in 2004. The Fund encourages students for achievements in the educational activities financing participation of students in the regional, republican, nationwide and international conferences, providing grants to implement research and creative projects and providing support to the teachers, whose students demonstrate high results.

The Company makes a significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of national culture. PJSC TATNEFT provides financing for the activity of the “Rukhiyat” Spiritual Revival Fund established in 1997.
The activities of the Fund include organization of regional children's art creativity festivals, arrangement of literature and art contests, identification of young talents and promotion of their creative growth, publication of books. 


PJSC TATNEFT considers assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the population to be one of the priorities. The support program provides for implementation of measures targeted assistance to the inmates of orphanages, boarding schools and correctional schools, as well as to organizations of veterans and the disabled people, low-income families and other socially vulnerable groups. “Miloserdiye” (Mercy) charitable fund has been established for this purpose.