Labor Protection Committee of JSC TATNEFT

The Labor Protection Committee of PJSC TATNEFT has been operating since 1997 and consists of the representatives of the employer and Trade Union Committee on a parity basis. The Committee consists of 10 members. Its main objectives are to control the conditions and safety at the workplaces, provision of the personal protective equipment for the employees, assessment of existing risks to workers' health and elaboration of measures for preventing occupational accidents and diseases.

Specific decisions are taken for all the issues considered.

There are joint commissions for the protection of labor functioning   in all the structural divisions of PJSC TATNEFT, which on a parity basis include representatives of the employer and primary trade union organizations of the enterprises.

The Committees set up a program of joint actions of the administration and the trade union committee to improve the working conditions and labor protection, prevent occupational accidents and diseases. The members of the committees are involved in preparation of the "Labor Protection" section of the Collective Agreement and the agreement on labor protection, they inform the employees about the conditions and labor protection at the workplaces, existing health risks and personal protective equipment, compensations and benefits that the employees are entitled to. There is a "Provision on the Labor Protection Committee (Commission) of PJSC TATNEFT” drawn up and  approved at PJSC TATNEFT, which defines the objectives, functions, rights and the rights’ guarantees of the Committee members.

The information about the work of the Committee shall be communicated to the trade union members at the annual meetings of the Standing Commission and Standing Technical Commission of the Joint Stock Company through the corporate "Oil News" newspaper and a monthly "Tribune" newsletter issued by the Trade Union Committee of PJSC TATNEFT.

Protecting the rights of the Trade Union members with regard to safety is implemented through commissioners. The institute of the commissioners for labor protection accounts now for 675 people. "Guidelines for implementation of the public control over labor protection" was issued as an aid to the commissioners and a Provision was drawn up on the PJSC TATNEFT’s Trade Union commissioners related with labor protection. A badge "PJSC TATNEFT’s Trade Union Commissioner on Labor Protection” was created. All the commissioners are provided with the Guidelines and badges.

The following is formulated in the collective agreement of PJSC TATNEFT:

"The employer shall assist the Trade Union commissioners on labor protection in their work, organize their training at the expense of the enterprises (or at the expense of the Russian Federation Social Insurance funds) and shall release them from their duties for the time of training with maintaining their average monthly earnings. They are allowed two hours of the working time per week with maintaining the average earnings to perform the functions of control and supervision. The employer shall provide a guarantee of their activities in accordance with federal law "On Trade Unions, Rights and Guarantees of their activities" No. 10-FZ dated January 12, 1996.

A contest for the title of "Best Commissioner for the enterprise Labor Protection" is carried out at the enterprise. At year-end, the best commissioners on labor protection get a cash bonus for active work.