14 January 2020

Trade and Procurement Platform of TATNEFT Is 10 Years Old!

The trading and procurement platform of TATNEFT celebrates the 10th anniversary in January 2020.

The platform was established in 2010 as an electronic bidding operator “TPP TATNEFT” and is currently drawing together TATNEFT Group enterprises, small oil companies of the Republic of Tatarstan’s “Neftekonsorzium” company, service companies of “TAGRAS-Holding” and contracting organizations into an integrated procurement system. The participants of the TATNEFT's TPP represent a wide range of oil and gas industry goods producers and dealers. Currently, there are 44,000 counterparties registered on the Company's trading and purchasing platform.

In 2019, the maximum number of bids received for chemical products tender was 57 commercial proposals, while the total number of competitive bids received for the last year amounted to 59,000.

The TATNEFT TTP operators have conducted more than 117,000 electronic trading procedures for 10 years for more than 150 buyer organizations, while the trade turnover exceeded the amount of RUB 460 billion.

The system is expanding every year and complemented by new functionalities. Today, “TPP TATNEFT” is the only free-of-charge platform for participation in competitive bidding procedures in the Russian Federation. The TATNEFT trading and procurement platform is distinguished by the extensive functionality, convenience and completeness of control and analytical tools, wide spread and quality of additional services, technical stability and the operation speed, quality of the client and technical support, accessibility of the site navigation. The platform covers the key processes of various companies, including procurement transactions, search for contractors, implementation, TPP’s base, history of interaction with contractors and the personal cabinet of audit services.

The operators of the TATNEFT's Trade and Procurement Platform provide qualified technical support throughout the entire process of the electronic trading. More details are available at: https://etp.tatneft.ru.

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