8 November 2018

Turkish Delegation Has Visited TANECO and the TATNEFT’s Tyre Manufacturing Complex

The delegation headed by Ali Adjar, mayor of the Turkish Marmaris city, visited enterprises of the TATNEFT Group’s Nizhnekamsk business sector.

A visit to the TATNEFT’s enterprises took place as part of a visit to Nizhnekamsk aimed at strengthening business, social and cultural relations, which has began with visiting the industrial site of the TANECO Complex. The guests inspected all key facilities of the refinery, including installations of primary and advanced petroleum refining, environmental protection facilities, and the product shipment system.

The guests have been introduced to the history of the refinery, new technologies implemented in the production, and prospects for the further development of the Complex. The quality of products yielded have been  demonstrated to the guests at the complex.

According to Ali Adjar, he has been impressed by the scale of the Complex and the volume of investments in such a large and up-to-date production facility.

The delegation have visited a preparatory workshop and the procurement and assembly production section of the Nizhnekamsk Company’s KAMA TYRES SSC tyre manufacturing complex to get acquainted with the production process of the KAMA solid steel cord tyres. The guests have been demonstrated the products quality control system, including X-ray control of all the manufactured tyres, which completely excludes the possibility of tyre products even with the slightest deviations from the requirements getting to the market of this this tyre segment. The visitors watched the process of loading into and unloading tyres from the shaper vulcanizer at the vulcanization workshop. The guests were told about the complex's service for the SSC tyres retreading at the Company’s own enterprise.

The Turkish Republic delegation representatives highly appreciated the modern level of production equipment and advanced technologies introduced.

Reference Information

OOO Nizhnekamsk Solid Steel Cord Tyre Factory is a modern production facility of solid-steel cord tyres, which expanded the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Company in 2009. SSC KAMA tyres are one of the most modern products at the Russian tyre market.

The unique composition of the rubber mixture based on natural rubber and the metal cord frame provides for increased mileage, high durability and fuel efficiency of the KAMA SSC tyres. The performance of the KAMA SSC tyres with two recovery cycles and one tread cutting increases to 700,000 km.

The launch of the SSC retreading center allowed the tyre manufacturing complex KAMA TYRES going beyond the simple tyre manufacturer frame and becoming a full-fledged partner for its customers supporting them in their work on improving business performance. 

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