12 October 2018

Journalists at the TANECO Complex

Dmitry Vorobyov, General Director of PJSC OMZ, and Yury Gordienkov, General Director of PJSC Izhorskiye Zavody, visited the TANECO Complex on October 11 in the framework of the journalists’ team press tour representing federal media covering the activities of Gazprombank Group. 

The media were represented by authoritative news agencies, television channels and print media, such as TASS, Interfax, Oil & Gas, Regnum, Expert, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, St. Petersburg Vedomosti, St. Petersburg’s Channel 1.

The interest of the journalists to the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex in Nizhnekamsk (NPiNHZ) is due to the long-standing and productive collaboration between TATNEFT and Izhorskiye Zavody Companies.

The first large order placed by oil companies with the factory was the manufacture of two reactors for the TANECO’s integrated hydrocracking unit (IHU). The contract for the supply of reactors was concluded in August 2007. Companies from many other countries took part in the tender for their manufacture. However, OMZ turned out to be the only enterprise capable of manufacturing high-tech equipment within the time limits specified by TATNEFT in compliance with the most stringent quality requirements.

The engineering design and fabricaion of the reactors was carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the ASME Code and the Russian regulatory documents. The project licensor was Chevron Lummus Global (USA).

The high-tech equipment with such weight and size characteristics for the petrochemical complex was manufactured in the Russian Federation for the first time. Nevertheless, foreign partners considered the whole teamwork cycle from the construction to the operation of the integrated hydrocracking unit to be one of the most successful projects in their history.

Subsequent years witnessed placement of several more large TATNEFT’s orders with the company. In particular, diesel hydrotreatment reactors (the facility has been commissioned already), kerosene hydrotreatment facility (commissioned), heavy gas oil coking hydrotreatment unit (in the process of construction). 

The journalists inspected all key facilities of the refinery. Ilshat Salakhov, Deputy General Director of JSC TANECO for Technical Support and Quality, arranged a comprehensive  tour for media representatives. He spoke in detail about the technologies implemented at the TANECO Complex, as well as about the system of industrial and environmental safety and the system of power supply for the facilities.

Special attention was paid to the integrated hydrocracking unit combined with the base oils production facility. The Complex is producing today such readily marketable petroleum products as Euro-5 diesel fuel, which quality specifications meet the requirements of the Euro-6 engines, aviation fuels of ТС-1, РТ, Jet А-1 types, basic oils of the IInd and the IIIrd groups, which quality has been distinguished by leading domestic and foreign expert organizations and consumers.

The history of the factory was presented to the journalists at the central control room, where samples of products presently manufactured were demonstrated to the visitors. Dmitry Vorobiev, General Director of PJSC OMZ, Yury Gordienkov, General Director of PJSC Izhorskiye Zavody, and Ilshat Salakhov, Deputy General Director for Technical Support and Quality of JSC TANECO, answered the questions of the journalists here.

The guests highly appreciated the new TATNEFT’s complex and thanked the hosting party for organizing familiarization with production facilities.

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