PJSC TATNEFT Equity Capital Structure

As of May 8, 2015, there were over 45 thousand shareholders registered in the register of the PJSC TATNEFT’s shareholders. Inter alia, there were the following largest owners (nominal holders) of the Company’s shares:
  • Non-banking Credit Company, Closed Joint Stock Company “National Settlement Depository”: 59.55% of shares;
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Central Depository of the Republic of Tatarstan”: 30.45% of shares.
The shares of PJSC TATNEFT have been traded in the Russian and International stock markets for over 20 years and they are among the most liquid and representative instruments of the securities market. 
The geography of the shareholders covers the territory of Russia (the main part of the shareholders), North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.
The ordinary and preferred shares participate in the First Level quotation list of PJSC Moscow Stock Exchange. The JSC TATNEFT’s shares are included in the index calculation base of RTS and MICEX, which are the main indicators of the Russian stock market. 
28.5% of the Company’s ordinary shares are deposited for conversion into global American Depositary Receipts (ADR).The swap ratio of 1 Depository Receipt: 20 shares, in 2009 the ratio was changed for 1 DR: 6 shares.
The Depositary Receipts of the Company are listed on the London Stock Exchange and traded in the Xetra trading system of Deutsche Börse Group.